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Perth - Tasmania

Take a self guided walking tour past the notable Baptist and Methodist churches,
some private homes and historic shop fronts.

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A guide to travel, sightseeing and services - what to do, where to stay and a little history of Tasmanian cities and towns.

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Includes list of contents, Tasmanian Freedom Camping Locations Series and a free, downloadable map of Tasmania

The Towns and Regions

Looks at the towns, camping, accommodation, eating out, sightseeing, history, toilets & dump points, information centres, doctors, vets, real e

Download Free Map

This (external) link will give you access to free maps of Tasmania, Hobart City Centre, Launceston City Centre, Burnie and Devonport to print or store on your device.

Fun Pages
For Kids and their Adults

A range of free and low cost things to make and do, for kids and their adults, when driving or confined to camp.

Free and Cheap

you can choose from camp-grounds provided by councils, commercial operators or formal, and informal free camp sites.

Dump Points ~ Van Repairs ~ Public Toilets

An easy access guide to Dump-Points, Van Repairs and Public Toilets.

Environment and Produce

Loads of links to Tasmanian food, beer and wine trails for you to follow and enjoy.

Fossicking in Tasmania

Many of the locations this guide will be visiting offer the chance to do a little fosicking for such things as gold, sapphires, topaz, jasper, turquoise, agate and a range of other tumbling material for lapidarists.

Tiger Track Stamps

A Quirky, Free/Low-Cost Way for you to keep track of your amazing tasmanian adventures, as you hunt down over 70 Tiger Track Stamps and with luck - or skill maybe - find the elusive Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) - the most valuable stamp of all.


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Perth sits 20 km south of Launceston, on the Midland Highway and has a population of 2,567 (2011 Census).

You can pick up a National Trust brochure from the post office and take a self-guided walking tour past the notable Baptist and Methodist churches, some private homes and historic shop fronts.

Out And About In Perth
This (external) link will take you to accommodation, attractions, dining, events, shopping and tours in Perth.

Police, ambulance and fire dial 000

Toilet Facilities
Old Bridge Road - access off Midland Highway - Opening hours 7:30am-6pm

Talisker Street - Opening hours Apr-Nov 8:30am-6pm

Doctor/Medical Centre
Norfolk Plains Medical Pty Ltd, 73 Main Rd, Perth, ph.(03) 6398 2295

Police Station
96a Main Road, non-emergency ph. 131 444

Perth Weather
The weather forecast (external) link includes rain, sun, wind, moon and UV as well as radar, satellite and synoptic charts.

Real Estate For Sale
This (external) link will give you updated details of properties for sale in and around Perth.

A Little History

The area was first explored by Europeans as early as 1806, shortly after the establishment of Launceston and it was passed through by Governor Macquarie on his first exploration of 1811.

Ten years later, on 30 May, 1821 he stood near where the Perth bridge stands today, and declared it as a site for a future town, naming it after Perth in Scotland.

Subsequently a ferry began operating across the South Esk river and a military post and an inn were erected.

The first settler in the area was Thomas Massey, the Chief Constable of Launceston, who established a farm in the district in 1814.

Famously, the farm was raided and the barn was burnt down by the bushranger Matthew Brady in 1824.

The town was laid out in 1833 and a bridge across the South Esk river was constructed by convict labour three years later.

The bridge

The bridge was subsequently destroyed by floods in 1880, and again in 1929 and 1971 and has been rebuilt on each occasion.

In 1837, five years after the practice ceased in England, the body of John McKay was gibbeted near the spot where he murdered Joseph Wilson near Perth.

There was great outcry, but the body was not removed until an acquaintance of Wilson passed the spot and horrified by the sight of McKay’s rotting corpse, pleaded with the authorities to remove it.

The place where this occurred was just to the right (when traveling towards Launceston) of the Midlands Highway on the northern side of Perth, and is marked by a sign which reads “Gibbet Hill”.

Matthew Brady
Brady (1799 – 4 May, 1826) was a notorious bushranger in Van Diemen's Land (now known as Tasmania) in the early 19th century.

He was sometimes known as the "Gentleman Bushranger" due to his good treatment and fine manners when robbing his victims.

Brady considered himself a gentleman, who never robbed or insulted women.

The military considered him a dangerous bushranger.

Brady's gang held up Sorell and captured the local garrison (in which the garrison commander, Lieut. William Gunn was shot in the arm, which was subsequently amputated).

Lieut. Governor Arthur posted rewards for the capture of Brady and his gang.

In return, Brady posted a reward of "Twenty gallons of rum" to any person who would deliver Governor Arthur to him.

Gibbeting refers to the use of a gallows-type structure from which the dead or dying bodies of executed criminals were hung on public display to deter other existing or potential criminals.

It was the last case of gibbeting in a British colony.

A description of Perth c 1852
drawn from The History of Tasmania - Volume II (of 2) by John West.

Perth [is] a town on the northern bank of the South Esk, in the parish of Perth and county of Cornwall, 110 miles (177 km) from Hobart, and 11 miles (18 km) from Launceston.

It has an episcopal church and school, a Wesleyan chapel, three inns, and a police and post station.

The South Esk is crossed at this place by one of the best stone bridges in the island.

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