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Updated December 2015

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A guide to travel, sightseeing and services - what to do, where to stay and a little history of Tasmanian cities and towns.

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The front page includes a guide to this guide as well how to Get to Tasmania and Touring Tasmania.

The Heritage Highway

The Heritage Highway looks at the Midlands Highway and its surrounds ~ covering the towns of Evandale, Longford, Cressy, Perth, Ross, Campbell Town, Oatlands and Richmond.


Launceston's well preserved Victorian and Georgian buildings, together with its diverse collection of art-deco architecture, give the city an unusual period ambience ~ making it well worth the visit.

Download Free Map

This (external)l link will give you access to free maps of Tasmania, Hobart City Centre, Launceston City Centre, Burnie and Devonport to print or store on your device.

Fun Pages For Kids and their Adults

A range of free and low cost things to make and do, for kids and their adults, when driving or confined to camp.

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A range of free/low cost games and activities for the travelling family including a few 'Long Car Trip Games'.
This activity book has been produced by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, with financial support from ExxonMobil Australia, to help promote Western Australia’s unique marine parks.
Seven Little Australians (1894) is a classic Australian children's novel by Ethel Turner. Set mainly in Sydney in the 1880s, it relates the adventures of the seven mischievous Woolcot children, their stern army father Captain Woolcot, and flighty stepmother Esther.
A heartwarming, uplifting and positive story where a bunch of unlikely forest friends go on the adventure of a life time, overcome the beady eyed sharp clawed Victor Vulture, meet the mysterious Spirit of the Forest and save the Magical Medicine Tree. The creatures learn so much about themselves and each other, experience a whole new world and learn how to make the magic of the forest come alive.
The Green Beans, Volume 1:
The Mystery of Hollow Oak
By Gabriel Gadget
In recent days, Neil (the Beans’ fearless centerfielder) has heard strange things in the forest that lies just beyond the outfield fence andl has begun to suspect that there’s something prowling within the woods, hidden among the trees and shadows. He’s not sure what it is… but whatever it is, it’s BIG.
The Green Beans, Volume 2:
The Strange Genius of Lefty O'Houlihan
By Gabriel Gadget
Two weeks have passed since the Green Beans solved the mystery of Hollow Oak, making remarkable discoveries in the process. In the wake of their findings, Jack has been placed within the huge, eerie manor of his new guardian – an eccentric uncle, known as Lefty O’Houlihan.
Before long, Jack comes to suspect that something strange is afoot in his new home. Weird noises, curious sights, and his uncle’s odd behavior have led Jack to believe that all is not well at Lefty’s Manor.
The Green Beans, Volume 3:
The Curious Conundrum of Pan Gu
By Gabriel Gadget
Only a handful of days have passed since the nefarious efforts of Jasper, the evil school janitor, were squashed. Although they are exhilarated with their victory, the Beans have come to realize that Jasper is but the tip of the iceberg in the schemes of a larger organization of dubious methods and goals

The Green Beans, Volume 4:
Shipwrecked on Smuttynose Island
By Gabriel Gadget

Following the explosive events at the Portsmouth Museum of Historical Artifacts, the Beans find themselves with much to do. With mad scientists running amok and monsters on the loose, things have gotten slightly out of control. Hoping for answers, they embark on a journey of scientific inquiry and exploration, beginning their search at nearby Smuttynose Island.
The Green Beans, Volume 5:
The Phantom of the Auditorium

By Gabriel Gadget
While their friends are off adventuring on Smuttynose Island, undoubtedly engaging in all kinds of escapades and shenanigans, the sisters are stuck at Hollow Oak Elementary for another routine day of school. Could anything, they wonder, be more boring? As the day begins to unfold before them, however, they quickly realize this day is anything but normal.

My Book Of Wicked and Whimsicle Rhyme

Compiled by Robin Cartledge, these 22 delightful rhymes for kids and adults include pieces from the masters, mixed with an assortment of my own work.

The Yellow Dwarf

Once upon a time there lived a queen who had been the mother of a great many children, and of them all only one daughter was left. But then she was worth at least a thousand.

The Sleeping Beauty In The Wood

There were formerly a king and a queen, who were so sorry that they had no children; so sorry that it cannot be expressed. They went to all the waters in the world; vows, pilgrimages, all ways were tried, and all to no purpose.

East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon

Once upon a time there was a poor husbandman who had many children and little to give them in the way either of food or clothing. They were all pretty, but the prettiest of all was the youngest daughter, who was so beautiful that there were no bounds to her beauty.
Once upon a time in a certain country there lived a king whose palace was surrounded by a spacious garden. But, though the gardeners were many and the soil was good, this garden yielded neither flowers nor fruits, not even grass or shady trees.
Once upon a time there lived a king who was deeply in love with a princess, but she could not marry anyone, because she was under an enchantment. So the King set out to seek a fairy, and asked what he could do to win the Princess's love.


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