'A Cheapskate's Guide to Exploring Tasmania By Car'

Freedom Camping in Tasmania


Freedom camping, caravan park locations and amenities in Tasmania.

List of Contents

A guide to travel, sightseeing and services - what to do, where to stay and a little history of Tasmanian cities and towns.

About This Guide

This work has been designed to offer the maximum amount of information possible, while remaining an interesting and manageable read

Front Page

Includes list of contents, Tasmanian Freedom Camping Locations Series and a free, downloadable map of Tasmania

The Towns and Regions

Looks at the towns, camping, accommodation, eating out, sightseeing, history, toilets & dump points, information centres, doctors, vets, real estate and emergency services.

Guest Reviews

A place for readers to write a review on their favourite Tasmanian town, caravan park, freedom camp, attraction, bakery or cafe

Fun Pages
For Kids and their Adults

A range of free and low cost things to make and do, for kids and their adults, when driving or confined to camp.

Free and Cheap

you can choose from camp-grounds provided by councils, commercial operators or formal, and informal free camp sites.

Dump Points ~ Van Repairs
Public Toilets

An easy access guide to Dump-Points, Van Repairs and Public Toilets.

Environment and Produce

Loads of links to Tasmanian food, beer and wine trails for you to follow and enjoy.

Fossicking in Tasmania

Many of the locations this guide will be visiting offer the chance to do a little fosicking for such things as gold, sapphires, topaz, jasper, turquoise, agate and a range of other tumbling material for lapidarists.

Tiger Track Stamps

A Quirky, Free/Low-Cost Way for you to keep track of your amazing tasmanian adventures, as you hunt down over 70 Tiger Track Stamps and with luck - or skill maybe - find the elusive Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) - the most valuable stamp of all.

Easy Access Guide

Some will call me lazy while others will think me disorganised - the truth lies somewhere in between, I think.

When planning anything, I need all of the required information right there at my fingertips, in clear view and to meet those needs I offer this Easy Access Guide.

The following links (internal and external) will take you to some of the very best information that I can presently find.

Tasmanian Campsites, Rest Areas and Caravan Parks

Ideal for use with the FREE downloadable map, this series of guides (in PDF) offers information on freedom camping areas and van park locations and facilities.

Each guide is loosely based on routes in the downloadable map and run sequentially (as you travel), rather than alphabetically, for greater ease of use.

  1. Devonport to Launceston and surrounds
    Lists 29 sites ranging from National Parks through to commercial caravan parks. [PDF - 128 kb]

  2. The Heritage Highway
    Includes 24 sites ranging from free camps to commercial caravan parks. This guide runs from Launceston to Hobart and Richmond. [PDF - 128 kb]

  3. Tamar Valley and the North East
    There are 39 freedom camps and caravan parks listed in this guide, that takes you through some delightful beach and fossicking areas. [PDF - 148 kb]

  4. Tasmania's East Coast
    Features 37 locations on the magnificent East Coast, including free camps and van parks, covering the area between St Helens and Buckland. [PDF - 136 kb]

  5. Tasmania's North West Coast
    From Devonport to Arthur River, this guide includes 38 freedom camping sites and van parks. [PDF - 140 kb]

  6. Tasman Peninsula and Port Arthur
    Covering the area from Sorell down to the Tasman Peninsula, this guide contains 11 freedom camping sites, including caravan parks. [PDF - 120 kb]

  7. Huon Trail and Bruny Island
    Running south from Hobart, this guide contains 19 freedom camps and caravan parks. [PDF - 108kb]

Camping and Cabin Fee Information
Tasmanian National Parks

External LINK to 'A guide to camping sites, cabin fees and caravanning in our national parks and reserves.'

Tasmanian adventures with Kym & Lyn

From landing to departure, Kym and Lyn poke into nearly every corner of this magnificent state in a delightfully written journal of their extended visit and it is a must read for planning your trip.

So grab a pot of coffee, a snack, a comfy chair and settle in for a beaut read.

Tasmanian Adventures link

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