'A Cheapskate's Guide to Exploring Tasmania By Car'

For pre-planning or use on the run, this free site is a useful, on-demand travel guide for camping in Tasmania by car, caravan, RV or tent.



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A guide to Camping, sightseeing and services in Tasmania.

A Cheapskate's Guide to Exploring Tasmania By Car looks at what to do, where to stay (Freedom camping and caravan parks) and a little history of Tasmanian cities and towns

At 315 kilometres west to east and 286 kilometres north to south, an area of 68,331 square km, Tasmania has everything you need for an extended trip.

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Tasmanian Touring Routes

The guide is divided up into 'Tourist Routes' (Selected from below) that will take you to an index to the locations along that route.

Each of the locations pages include details of the location, camping and caravan parks, points of interest, local weather, medical and emergency services, public toilets and dump points, libraries and tourist information offices along with related videos and pics and a fully functioning map related to that town offering you point to point distances, directions and travelling times as well as additional information on restaurants, hotels, museums, pharmacies and ATMs.

Each of the routes will contain a FREE Camping Locations Guide (in PDF) that you can print or download to your device for use without internet cover.

Eaglehawk Neck dog
red letter box
East coast beach
Great Western Tiers
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The Nut
The Wall wood carving
cantilever bridge over Tamar
West Coast railway steam train
Marylin Monroe rabit and dog photographer Hobart street instalation
Albert Hall, Launceston
Tasmanian Devil
gold pan
dog silouette

Bringing your dog?

Before a dog can enter Tasmania, its owner must have evidence that it has been treated with praziquantel at a dose rate of 5 mg/kg body weight within 14 days before entry to Tasmania.

The evidence can be a statement by a vet, evidence of treatment (such as the pill packet) that is carried by whoever accompanies the dog or a statutory declaration by the owner,

Handy Information From External Sites

forest creek
hazy wilderness
Free camping is generally allowed in Tasmania's State Forests except when signed 'no camping'
Before you head out, you can contact one of Sustainable Timber Tasmania's regional offices.
A valid park pass is required for entry to all of Tasmania's national parks. A range of national park passes lets you choose the best way to experience Tasmania's national parks. Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service manages 823 reserves covering about 2.9 million ha (7.2 million acres), or over 42% of the area of Tasmania.
Spirit of Tasmania
comical fish
Quarantine (in PDF)
Up to the minute information directly from the source covering fares, timetable, bookings, accommodation, food, onboard activities, ship layout and furbabies.

A Traveller's guide to Australian interstate quarantine will help you check what you can and can’t take across quarantine and state borders.

Visit this Tas. Government site for Angling licence & conditions, angling season, bag and size limits and more.

Unique to Tasmania
Tiger Track Stamps
A delightfully quirky and free/low-cost way of recording your Tasmanian adventures

Tasmanian Artist, Kaye Green, Finds a Quirky, Free/Low-cost Way For You To Keep Track Of Your Amazing Tasmanian Adventures

Think Fun, low-tech geocaching

Kaye's idea is based on her experience of living in Japan and the enjoyment of collecting impressions from rubber stamps that were available at most tourist destinations and temples.

This exciting concept has now been turned into a reality, with many participants actively involved and many more on the way where a unique stamp and an ink pad will be conveniently located on a table, stand or desk at each participating location and you are free to stamp your booklet or your own diary or travel journal.

Visit Kaye's website for full details

Examples of the stamps

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