A Cheapskate's Guide to
Exploring Tasmania By Car

For pre-planning or use on the run, this free site is a useful, on-demand travel guide
for touring Tasmania by car, caravan, RV, or hitch-hiking.

The Travelling Library Series



List of Contents

A guide to travel, sightseeing and services - what to do, where to stay and a little history of Tasmanian cities and towns.

About This Guide

This work has been designed to offer the maximum amount of information possible, while remaining an interesting and manageable read

Front Page

Includes list of contents, Tasmanian Freedom Camping Locations Series and a free, downloadable map of Tasmania

The Towns and Regions

Looks at the towns, camping, accommodation, eating out, sightseeing, history, toilets & dump points, information centres, doctors, vets, real estate and emergency services.

Guest Reviews

A place for readers to write a review on their favourite Tasmanian town, caravan park, freedom camp, attraction, bakery or cafe

Fun Pages
For Kids and their Adults

A range of free and low cost things to make and do, for kids and their adults, when driving or confined to camp.

Free and Cheap

you can choose from camp-grounds provided by councils, commercial operators or formal, and informal free camp sites.

Dump Points ~ Van Repairs ~ Public Toilets

An easy access guide to Dump-Points, Van Repairs and Public Toilets.

Environment and Produce

Loads of links to Tasmanian food, beer and wine trails for you to follow and enjoy.

Fossicking in Tasmania

Many of the locations this guide will be visiting offer the chance to do a little fosicking for such things as gold, sapphires, topaz, jasper, turquoise, agate and a range of other tumbling material for lapidarists.

Tiger Track Stamps

A Quirky, Free/Low-Cost Way for you to keep track of your amazing tasmanian adventures, as you hunt down over 70 Tiger Track Stamps and with luck - or skill maybe - find the elusive Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) - the most valuable stamp of all.


List of Works

Finding reading material while travelling can be a bit of an issue and reading on-line both difficult and expensive.

From this humble start the Travelling Library Series intends to provide a wide variety of material for your information and enjoyment.


A List of

Australia's Big Things
Drawn from the Wikipedia article
Australia's Big Things

Children's Books From rhyme to reason, the Children's Book Section currently features 15 great FREE TO DOWNLOAD books in PDF.
Australian History Short pieces drawn from historic documents.
Adult Fiction
Nine adult books are featured here just to get you started - with loads more on the way soon.
On Caravans and Camping Some great guides to help you travel more safely and comfortably.
Western Australia's Marine Parks Activity Book This activity book has been produced by the Department of Parks and Wildlife, with financial support from ExxonMobil Australia, to help promote Western Australia’s unique marine parks.
Travelling With Kids Activity Book
A range of free and low cost things to play, make and do, when driving or confined to camp, for kids and their adults.

Owly Saves The Magic Medicine Tree
By Orla Kelly

The Green Beans, Volume 1:
The Mystery of Hollow Oak
By Gabriel Gadget

The Green Beans, Volume 2:
The Strange Genius of Lefty O'Houlihan
By Gabriel Gadget

The Green Beans, Volume 3:
The Curious Conundrum of Pan Gu
By Gabriel Gadget

The Green Beans, Volume 4:
Shipwrecked on Smuttynose Island
By Gabriel Gadget

The Green Beans, Volume 5:
The Phantom of the Auditorium

By Gabriel Gadget

My Book Of Wicked and Whimsicle Rhyme

The Yellow Dwarf

The Sleeping Beauty In The Wood

East Of The Sun And West Of The Moon

The Bronz Ring

Prince Hyacinth And The Dear Little Princess


No Matter What


The Role Play

Room 416

Between the Darkness and the Dawn, a Short Story

Back to Bayou Sabine

Dilemma e

The Omega Sequence

Feed the World!

Without A Hitch

Leave No Trace Rules

Complete Battery and Solar e-book

The National Caravan and Recreational Vehicle Towing Guide (PDF)

Australian Colonial Intelligence

Source: Historical Records of Australia.

Source: The Golden Colony (G.H. Wathen, 1855)




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