'A Cheapskate's Guide to Exploring Tasmania By Car'

For pre-planning or use on the run, this free site is a useful, on-demand travel guide
for touring Tasmania by car, caravan, RV, or hitch-hiking.

Checking Out The Weird And Wonderful World Of
Handy Camping Gadgets and Goodies

NOTE: I get a small amount of money if you purchase something from this page. It's not going to be a lot, but it might just help cover some of my costs. If you see something of interest please click on the graphic for full details. And THANK YOU for visiting.

Car Laptop Holder Tray
Back Seat Mounted

AU $37.82
Free postage

My November

Kids Travel Journal
By Lunar Glow

AU $19.25
FREE Standard Postage

Stickers For cars, RVs and Caravans

Check out our delightful
Decals and Stickers

Bits and Bobs for the FUR BABIES
2 Bar Design
Adjustable Pet Grill

AU $20.96
$7.99 Standard Postage

2X Silicone
Foldable Feeding Bowl

AU $6.99
Free postage

Pet Travel Bed Brown
Roll-Up Portable

AU $46.99
Free postage

Trixie Small Dog
Trolley/ Backpack

AU $100.34
Free postage

Petscene Lightweight
Folding Dog Ramp

AU $64.95
Free postage

Portable Pet Tent
Waterproof Shelter

AU $22.90
FREE Standard Postage


Water Hose Bag

AU $16.00
FREE Standard Postage

Led Strip Lights Bars
4X12V Waterproof

AU $29.95
FREE Standard Postage


AU $48.00
FREE Standard Postage

Blue Silicone Sink
Space-Saving - Collapsible

AU $22.00
FREE Standard Postage

Keeps flies away from your food

AU $16.00
$6.00 Standard Postage

Autoking 12V Car Fan
Oscillating - Portable

AU $29.95
FREE Standard Postage


Stainless Steel
750ml Billy Style Kettle

AU $26.95
FREE Standard Postage

Collapsible Pot - Set of 3
Silicone Stainless Steel

AU $149.85
FREE Standard Postage

Space Saving
Collapsible Dish-Drainer Rack

AU $15.19
$3.30 Standard Postage

Cooktop - Collapsible

AU $29.00
Free postage

40 Litre Universal
Grey-Water Bladder

AU $143.00
FREE Standard Postage

5 Micron
Inline Water Filter

AU $26.40
Free postage

12V Self-Priming
Pressure Water Pump

AU $29.91
Free postage

Camping Toaster
4 Slice Folding Camp Grill

AU $11.95
FREE Standard Postage

Quadcopter Drone
with HD Camera

AU $199.95
Free postage

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