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Build Your Own Anti-Gravity Machine


A simple little project using bits of cardboard and duct-tape that will blow your mind.

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A guide to travel, sightseeing and services - what to do, where to stay and a little history of Tasmanian cities and towns.

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Includes list of contents, Tasmanian Freedom Camping Locations Series and a free, downloadable map of Tasmania

The Towns and Regions

Looks at the towns, camping, accommodation, eating out, sightseeing, history, toilets & dump points, information centres, doctors, vets, real e

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This (external) link will give you access to free maps of Tasmania, Hobart City Centre, Launceston City Centre, Burnie and Devonport to print or store on your device.

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For Kids and their Adults

A range of free and low cost things to make and do, for kids and their adults, when driving or confined to camp.

Free and Cheap

you can choose from camp-grounds provided by councils, commercial operators or formal, and informal free camp sites.

Dump Points ~ Van Repairs ~ Public Toilets

An easy access guide to Dump-Points, Van Repairs and Public Toilets.

Environment and Produce

Loads of links to Tasmanian food, beer and wine trails for you to follow and enjoy.

Fossicking in Tasmania

Many of the locations this guide will be visiting offer the chance to do a little fosicking for such things as gold, sapphires, topaz, jasper, turquoise, agate and a range of other tumbling material for lapidarists.

Tiger Track Stamps

A Quirky, Free/Low-Cost Way for you to keep track of your amazing tasmanian adventures, as you hunt down over 70 Tiger Track Stamps and with luck - or skill maybe - find the elusive Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) - the most valuable stamp of all.


How to build your own Anti Gravity Machine

The Ramp




Party Hat

I wonder if Isaac Newton was wrong with his 'First Law of Motion'.
The law states that:-
'A body is incapable of changing it's condition of rest, or of motion in a straight line at a constant speed, unless it is 'persuaded' to do so by some external force.'

In the Antigravity Machine that external force is gravity and yet, instead of rolling downhill as one would expect, the machine rolls uphill.

How to make it

I am really sick of always gluing my fingers together so I went out and bought some of those cone shaped party hats for the machine.

You will need two cones (or party hats) which you will stick together, big end to big end, with gaffer or packaging tape.

Next you will need to make the ramp for your machine.
You can use something like a good quality wine carton or fruit and veg. carton for this.

Take your chosen carton and cut off two sides leaving the hinged section at A
The height of A matters little but the slope, between A and C should rise, to C, by around one third of the diameter of the large open section of your cone.

The spread of the ramp at D can be a little less than the total width of the two joined cones.

Place your Antigravity machine on the ramp near end A and delight in watching it roll uphill. Why is that?

Experiment with different slopes, with different sized cones as well as different lengths and spreads of the ramp.

Newton has not made a mistake here.
If you look closely you will note that, while
the machine seems to be climbing, the
centre of mass is actually falling under
the influence of gravity

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